Introducing #idecide

iDecide - Screengrab clearWe want to see a world where each young person can control their own future and have an equal chance of achieving what they want from life. We would love you to join us on our journey of building a world where it feels like anything is possible.

Our big idea
We think opportunities are a bit like doors. Sometimes they’re locked. Sometimes they seem really cool and you want to peek through the keyhole. Sometimes you don’t even notice them.

Imagine if no door was out of reach. Imagine if you knew how to unlock whichever doors you fancied. We reckon that it would seem a different place for young people. Like each one of them can control their own future and have an equal chance of achieving what they want from life.

…So with that in mind we developed a prototype website which brings young people and amazing opportunities together, helping them to build the confidence and motivation to make the most of them.

However, this will only work properly if we can do it big.
We need enough young people involved and enough different opportunities available, to give everyone what they need and as a Key facilitator you already hold a key to help young people unlock doors. But now you can do more.

1. Simply spread the word. We want you to shout about #idecide. We want you to tell your young people, friends, family, colleagues and neighbours all about #idecide.
2. Follow the campaign. We want you to be involved throughout the campaign so why not follow, like and share our progress on Twitter and Facebook.You can find us at @boomerangcrowd.
3. Make a pledge. Check out all of the #idecide perks on Boomerang and make a pledge. For a minimum of £2 you will get an exclusive #idecide badge and join the journey to get the website in the hands of your young people.
There are lots of fantastic perks for you, but also for your young people. They can become founding members for free, by simply signing up to get first dibs on the opportunities here.
Not only that but there are also some great ones for your organisation too – all of which will help you make the most of the new #idecide website after it has launched. Check them out here.

– Abbie Foster