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We want to continue to encourage young players to travel widely and represent the North East and wider UK abroad.

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"Another magically fantastic endeavour which has certainly been the Highlight of my year. I look forward to these trips more than Christmas!” so wrote an older player after a recent foreign tour.

We’re young people from Hummersknott Badminton Club and we’re trying to crowdfund money to help our student team head off on further international tours, meet like-minded young people, play badminton and experience new activities and cultures. We realise we have a huge responsibility as ambassadors too.

The video shows you how useful the trips have been building confidence, developing lifelong friendships, fostering a sense of independence and developing organisational and social skills to prepare us for later life. The Club’s tours have now involved 27 countries ranging across Europe, the Middle East, North America and Iceland. It’s no wonder they have even been referred to as ‘legendary’. For 2017 there are plans to return to Italy at Easter for younger ones and Central Europe in July for our older group. In July 2018 hopefully to Scandinavia.

We believe what we do is unique in world youth sport – with high badminton ability not a criterion to travel. We visit many Mayors, Politicians, Embassies, and High Commissions, worldwide.

Our ambitious plans need financial support – students don’t have time to fundraise adequately but they still do vast amounts of self-help. For maximum effect and cost effectiveness some of these trips run significantly longer than two weeks.

To include more players for more days on tours we need support. So any help from any source is much appreciated.

2018 is the Golden Jubilee of Hummersknott School. Our Club has run for the vast majority of that time.
We want to Celebrate by inviting former players back for reunions and play again in the Academy’s Sports Hall.
Other donors can take us up on the offer of coming along to our centre and play against the current team. Thanks for your support. If you’d like to help us in a different way or chat about your pledge, then please do so by emailing

Please see the linked blog site for fuller details by clicking here.